Why Heavy Metal Is So Powerful

Why Heavy Metal Is So Powerful

Heavy Metal. Even the name strikes images of power. But of all the many music genres out there, why does heavy metal stand out as being the most powerful? Maybe it’s because metal fans are a family - even without saying a word, if you see someone else with a metal shirt, you are friends. Or at concerts, no matter how heavy and violent the mosh pit is, they all look out for each other - if someone falls, they are helped back up by their brothers and sisters. And of course the music itself - not only is heavy metal one of the few genres which has MANY sub genres, but inside these sub genres are further genres (for example Power Metal, which also has under it Symphonic Metal, Viking Meta, Pirate Metal etc), meaning that no matter your taste, metal will have something you like.

Then there is the musicianship - while pop songs are (nowadays anyway), made on a computer with synthetic drums, guitars, and a boring, repetitive electronic beat, metal still uses real instruments! Not only that, some of the best guitarists of all time come from the heavy metal and heavy rock category (for example, Tony Iommi, Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteen just to name a few). Drummers - where do you begin (Dave Lombardo, Nicko McBrain, Tommy Portino etc.)? With vocals, your options are endless, there is the heavy guttural roar of Corpsegrinder (Cannibal Corpse), or the beautiful, haunting vocals of Tarja Turunen (former Nightwish), even to the raspy vocals of Dave Mustaine (Megadeth). And we can’t forget bass - from the legendary Lemmy (R.I.P) of Motorhead, to the slick basslines of Steve Harris of Iron Maiden to the pounding basslines of Tom Araya (Slayer), bass is definitely not forgotten. With so many options, it is easy to see why heavy metal has so many passionate and loyal fans, who don’t jump from one fad to the next - when you love metal, you love metal for life.

Of course you can’t forget about the lyrics. Some of the most meaningful and important lyrics come from metal bands. Indeed a good song can save your life, make you see light in darkness, and feel happy when you are sad. For example, A Tout Le Monde by Megadeth is one of my all time favourite songs, it has saved me from many a dark place I have been. If you are a heavy metal, or even a heavy rock fan, you too will have a song/s which mean so much to you. It is this connection with the fans which makes heavy metal so important. And when I say heavy metal, keep in mind I am talking about all of heavy metal - from every genre, from as far back as the godfather of Heavy Metal (Black Sabbath), to the new bands that keep coming out each year, heavy metal is not just a music genre, it is a way of life. To quote the legendary Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P), “metal will never die”!

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